Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (TLL)
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(Tallinn, Estonia)

Home to a major seaport and historic old town area, the city of Tallinn lies on the northern side of Estonia, next to the Baltic Sea.

With a scenic river valley, a number of large lakes, a prominent area of limestone cliff and coastal views, the city of Tallinn features attractive areas of medieval-style architecture and a shoreline which stretches for more than 40 km / 25 miles.

Known either as Ulemiste Airport or Tallinn Airport, this important airport is Estonia's biggest and boasts a number of international airlines. Sited alongside the eastern edge of Lake Ulemiste and on the south-eastern side of the city, Tallinn Airport serves approaching two million passengers per annum and opened in 1936.

Tallinn Ulemiste Airport (TLL) Maps: Important City Districts

With eight main districts, Tallinn is full of interesting areas worth exploring. A large residential neighbourhood with a popular beach around the Kakumäe area, Haabersti is home to Lake Harku and offers a number of recreational activities. Nearby, Tallinn's Kesklinn district is a major tourist hotspot and contains the historic Old Town area and also the outer regions of the port.

Located alongside the very heart of the city, Kristiine boasts a selection of apartments and a number of industrial areas, while the Lasnamäe district of Tallinn is the city largest neighbourhood, in both size and overall population.

A particularly historic residential area, Tallinn's Mustamäe district features many period mid-20th century houses and also contains the noteworthy Technical University. Known for its stylish architecture and historic sights, Nõmme is known for its pine forests and was once a separate city, while nearby Põhja-Tallinn is especially tourist-friendly and features a selection of restaurants and local shops, and is also home to the city's train station.

Pirita contains Tallinn's main river and is a lively coastal spot, with a beach, yachting areas, a host of recreational activities and the city's Botanic Gardens.

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